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Sabrina Online is a comic strip which Eric is writing at the rate of around 3-4 strips per month. This site has archives of the complete run so far, including the Christmas specials, in both viewable and printable versions.
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There are some Sabrina Online fan-drawn strips in the Fan Artwork pages.
You can also download the strips directly in on-screen or printable form.
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    Strips from 1996
  1. Computerfest Special
  2. What's an Omega?
  3. Noooooooo problem
  4. Essentials
  5. Worse odds than the lotto
  6. Small Victories
  7. Hindsight is 20:60
  8. Backstory, Part I
  9. Backstory, Part II
    Xmas: I know the mistletoe's wrong

    Strips from 1997
  10. A quick trip to Miami later
  11. Approval seeking
  12. She's kidding, folks.
  13. Gratuitous Shower Scene
  14. No, that is NOT Ms. Pac-Man.
  15. Information is fear
  16. Crappiest TV show I've ever seen
  17. A Flurried MUCK
  18. OK, so not ALL Internet chat is like this
  19. Obviously Mr. Right's typing style
  20. Gateway show then Gateway 2000 - Coincidence?
  21. The title doesn't mean Sabrina's in every strip
  22. Sexier than we've ever seen her before
  23. The beauty of American Health Care
  24. You've probably guessed by now.
  25. Ban all Purses
  26. IRC: Take Two
  27. Enter Tabitha
  28. The Patsy
  29. Fowl Terror Incarnate
  30. Probably not a ringing endorsement
  31. Duck and Cover
  32. Damn Pulsars
  33. Exactly how does that door work?
  34. Parental Discretion Advised
  35. First known Warp jump by a wolf
    Xmas: Hooray for Laser Prime

    Strips from 1998
  36. Not Quite Aftermath
  37. Pavlov would be proud
  38. Viva Cliche
  39. One Chinchilla's Idea of Romance
  40. Unintentionally Secret Admirer
  41. Shattering the Dream
  42. Muffled Revelation
  43. Computer Generated Text Galore
  44. Almost as good as it looks
  45. One surprise after another
  46. Gratified on several fronts
  47. Chat, MAME, life, the universe, and everything
  48. Homage to See-CAD
  49. A little close to home
  50. It's so crazy, She just might work
  51. Product placement
  52. The movable object
  53. Good-night bedsprings
  54. Rude awakening
  55. Now there's something you don't see everyday
  56. When Optimal Attacks
  57. You've always wondered
  58. Iomega makes computers?
  59. Yes Virginia, there is Quake for Amiga.
  60. You call THIS an anniversary?
  61. The Job Interview
  62. Plot Development in Low Resolution
  63. big, boxy, and big
  64. Autobots and E-mail don't mix
  65. Alone at lost
  66. Road Trip, Part 1: Wolves are Large
  67. Recycled narrator humor
    Xmas: Wrong Collector

    Strips from 1999
  68. Road Trip Part 2: En Route Philosophy
  69. Spam, e-mail, sausage, spam and spam
  70. Road Trip Part 3: Carl and Carrie Squirrel
  71. Road Trip Part 4: Not under my roof!
  72. A few too many suits
  73. Technological threat
  74. Third person
  75. Silly BlackRabbit, that trick's not for kids!
  76. The initials do not read as F.L.A.
  77. Monologue or dialogue?
  78. Recap
  79. The Mutual Deception Society
  80. A very scary new beginning
  81. Introducing the Anti-Sabrina
  82. Close Talk
  83. My kind of employer
  84. Skunks can blush?
  85. Week one: Monday
  86. Week one: Tuesday
  87. Week one: Wednesday
  88. Week one: Thursday
  89. Week one: Payday
  90. Motorola menace
  91. Brushing of teeth to follow
  92. Too close and too far
  93. Introduction to one-handed typing
  94. As the dust settles
  95. Shame and euphemisms
  96. A better actress than most
  97. Shifting on the fly
  98. Speaking with the inner child
  99. Starting something
  100. You people didn't see this
  101. The brick
  102. Ladylike vulgarity
  103. Packing the car
  104. Where many jokes died for the good of the story
  105. One long wait in the registration line later
  106. You know what they say about big hands
  107. It's about damn time!
  108. Count your blessings
  109. Return of a legend
  110. One more long-anticipated moment
  111. Such a mounth on that girl!
  112. Hostility on I-71
  113. Meanwhile, back at the ranch
  114. I knew we'd forgotten something
  115. Memories of Night Court
  116. View of destiniy
  117. Pain thresholds
  118. Motherhood means pain-killers
  119. My only joke on the subject
  120. Self and sensitivity
    Xmas: Isn't he a motorcycle now?

    Strips from 2000
  121. Happy millenium, baby.
  122. Defused
  123. Seeing both sides of the conversation
  124. OK, NOW it's my last joke
  125. Too wiped out for revenge now
  126. Self deprecating
  127. Should've given her Jetstorm
  128. A long time coming
  129. Saw that one coming up 5th Avenue
  130. Personal Space
  131. Possibly not until graduation
  132. I call them Publicity and Marketing
  133. Baby up to the bar
  134. The little nipper
  135. Up, out and away
  136. ... Said the spider to the fly
  137. Backing down until cornered
  138. Painful Revelation
  139. Notice she didn't say 'if'?
  140. High hopes
  141. Lingerie models
  142. A deviant to both sides
  143. Fading apology
  144. Post-proposition proposition
  145. Is that the Clinton definition of sex?
  146. The acid test
  147. The fantasy sequence
  148. The road to home
  149. Meet Tina
  150. Touched a nerve?
  151. The welcome back strip
  152. Prelude to a date
  153. Prelude to anxiety
  154. Prelude to bad satire
  155. Prelude to the next installment
  156. Post-order
  157. Ointment, meet fly
  158. Windows not me
  159. Signs of a couple
  160. The Cincinatti peace accord
  161. Xmas 99 explained
  162. No interruptions this time
  163. No, not THAT Springfield
  164. International stalkers
  165. The freak flag flies
  166. The obligatory Amiga strip
  167. The trivial tribute to Tatsuya
    Xmas: I believe in Santa Claus - and Columbus

    Strips from 2001
  168. Klassics of komedy
  169. Disregard all other accounts
  170. Inseduction
  171. Darn near talked out of it
  172. Responsible cartooning
  173. How about a roadmap and a GPS?
  174. Esteem of thge self
  175. Greetingd from the wild jungle skunks
  176. Legion
  177. Apologies needed?
  178. Better than waking up next to Zig Zag
  179. Guess who's coming to breakfast
  180. Confidence builder
  181. Somehow the porn stars are always the first to know
  182. Mindgames
  183. Flattery will get you employees
  184. Conversational Sycophantism
  185. AIM for your goals
  186. When was Zig Zag a scout?
  187. Where's Steve Irwin when you need him?
  188. Survival talk
  189. Twice the standard plot devices for your money
  190. The character shuffle
  191. Where's my five bucks?
  192. Name that dress
  193. Two tortures for the price of one
  194. Promise or threat
  195. Too many babysitters spoil the strip
  196. Rabbit rip-off
  197. No silicone was used in the making of this strip
  198. Disgruntled
  199. Out of the mouths of babes
  200. Works out to a little over forty strips a year.
  201. Not too bad an offer
  202. Intuition
  203. Masher
  204. The punchline is street crime?
  205. Skunk biology lesson
  206. Little miss tactful
  207. Fear showed up late today
  208. The front side of Monday
  209. The back side of Monday
  210. A little give and take
  211. No tickling required
  212. Sometimes a Railspike is just a J-5
    Xmas: Beware your boss this holiday season

    Strips from 2002
  213. Comic interruptus
  214. Is this the preachy part?
  215. What's with all the word balloons?
  216. No, this is the CLASSY kind of porn
  217. It has been a while
  218. Don't try two jokes at once
  219. Where do they get shoes?
  220. An armada can't fight a puppy
  221. Girl talk
  222. What could a title add?
  223. Reunited to reunite
  224. Intro to the everyday
  225. TIMMAH!!
  226. I thought we'd covered this
  227. A diaper-bundle of joy
  228. Welcome to Bizarro-world
  229. He becomes Darth Vader in the next movie
  230. Bookery
  231. The return of the 'eighties
  232. Corruption
  233. Supreme MUNKY theatre
  234. Quake off!
  235. Romance and roommates
  236. Fastest baby in the midwest
  237. Toddlers have no respect for privacy
  238. An armada of voyeurs
  239. Invasion of the tots
  240. Do... taxes?
  241. Don't blame the writing!
  242. Set for adventure
  243. Field Trip - part zero
  244. Field Trip - part one
  245. Field Trip - part two
  246. Field Trip - part three
  247. Considering she works in an adult studio...
  248. Field trip part 5 - Girl talk
  249. Field trip part 6 - Group photo
  250. Field trip part 7 - Nap time
  251. Field trip finals
  252. The toy everyone wants this season
  253. From the Little Miss Tramp collection
    Xmas: So sappy, you'll hunger for pancakes

    Strips from 2003
  254. Is it New Year's already?
  255. If only Al Qaeda were this easy to deal with
  256. The Nightbirds and the Bumblebees
  257. I didn''t know she had call waiting
  258. Dirty little secrets
  259. Isn't it fun to discuss porn stars with your dad?
  260. How much for the peep show?
  261. Just a few words too many
  262. Maybe I should have just done a crayon Sabrina
  263. The government gets a cut of that
  264. Unusually interesting junk mail
  265. Studio antics
  266. This isn't over
  267. Back to our regularly scheduled story
  268. Phone-tag solitare
  269. The unstoppable force
  270. Time to meet the family
  271. He could just play with the packaging instead
  272. Stresses and strains
  273. Paid informant
  274. The sound of silence
  275. Can't cut and paste forever!
  276. Interrogative
  277. Bombshell
  278. On the sidelines
  279. On the frontlines
  280. Repeated lines
  281. If only she was here to see this
  282. Well-adjusted
  283. Conflicts of interest
  284. Unplanned parenthood
  285. Bet you though I forgot about him
  286. Showdown
  287. Wrapping up storylines makes Todd happy
  288. After-dinner meal
  289. What could possibly ruin such a fine evening?
  290. A collect calling number ad goes wrong
    Xmas: Alternate Santa

    Strips from 2004
  291. Anniversaries
  292. Two skunks in a car
  293. The car must've looked different at night
  294. Ashland
  295. I have bad news, ... and bad news
  296. Toy budget
  297. Putting the 'I' in 'car'
  298. The Moss Hoss
  299. Test drive
  300. Counting holidays, it's more like 308
  301. Non-canonical
  302. Dealer markup
  303. Negotiation among professionals
  304. Not all that much later
  305. The magic of memo recorders
  306. Remember when we used to talk about computers?
  307. RTFM
  308. Identity crisis
  309. RTFGM
  310. Transitional strip
  311. The beast in the machine
  312. I don't draw cars so well
  313. Strip title coming in Sabrina Online 1.5
  314. That girl's been hanging around Zig Zag too long
  315. You'd think there was a wager involved
  316. Gratitude
  317. Payback's a Zig Zag
  318. Roughly the same age as my car
  319. Pegasos meets pornography
  320. All files acquired leagally, I'm sure
  321. From Galaga to Gauntlet to Gals Panic
  322. Atari Flashback
  323. I thought they shipped with it on the hard drive
  324. Don't you hate it when she's right?
  325. Yellow cars get no respect
  326. Aren't they cute at that age?
  327. Standard discussion
  328. So we're doing commercial parodies now?
  329. Invitation
  330. Do we really need to conserve stones?
    Xmas: Santa's molesting the elves again!

    Strips from 2005
  331. Victor Caroli
  332. Time to make the donuts
  333. The robot master
  334. Not exactly Machiavelli
  335. Next episode: A Visit From the Pool Boy
  336. A meeting of minds
  337. It's funny when it happens to others
  338. Beware blunt plastic claws and teeth
  339. Bouncy personality
  340. Is this a trustworthy source?
  341. Parents just don't understand
  342. Graphical hack
  343. View from behind
  344. Oh look, a desktop screen!
  345. Subtle reminders from life
  346. Must be something about that family
  347. Blackmail photo
  348. How'd you like to find that in your soup?
  349. No prescription drugs involved
  350. Computers turn on, right?
  351. Why can't the obvious answer be the right one?
  352. Ten dollars worth in tech support
  353. A voice from the dark
  354. Toy story too
  355. The Beast Wars toys knew how to keep their mouths shut!
  356. Closest you'll get to political humor from me
  357. The U Pay Us store
  358. Screensaver by Jim Sachs
  359. Check your cards and boxes
  360. Books, radio, TV, movies, video games, and more
  361. Use your worktime wisely
  362. Not work-safe
  363. Timeframes
  364. Yo-yo
  365. Net lag
  366. Meep Meep!
  367. Toy's eye view of the holidays
    Xmas: Many happy returns

    Strips from 2006
  368. Family Squirrel
  369. Self-examination with help
  370. Let's try sincerity this time
  371. Brilliant!
  372. Sun streaker
  373. Jinkies and Zoinks!
  374. She's gonna have to buy those
  375. Call it a sociological experiment if you like
  376. Why yes, it is April first
  377. I don't wanna grow up
  378. Had't though about it until recently
  379. A chromium blast of thunder
  380. Brought to you by the alcohol industry
  381. Life histories
  382. Taking the edge off
  383. Especial
  384. Darn censorship!
  385. Which one of them is 'the waves'?
  386. Perhaps it's a practice run
  387. A brief introduction
  388. I won't explain any acronyms
  389. Irresistable temptations
  390. Temptations two
  391. Sunglasses? What time is it?
  392. Family discussions
  393. The best part of waking up
  394. Still groggy
  395. Exactly what changing web hosts is like
  396. All those baggy eyes in one strip
  397. You must be this geeky to ride the ride
  398. Look, handwritten typos!
  399. Issues of trust and fatigue
  400. Some celebrations are just too much
  401. Internets, serious business
  402. What's my motivation?
  403. Brough to you by your phone company
  404. Explanations
  405. Comparisons
  406. Negotiations
  407. Final arguments
  408. Supressed Rage
  409. Avon calling!
    Xmas: It's pronounced HAY-ull

    Strips from 2007
  410. Advance marketing
  411. Godzilla meets Rodan
  412. The wonderful world of genetics
  413. Fast forward
  414. And she can FLY!
  415. What exactly do you mean by self help?
  416. Different people want different things
  417. Don't look into it or anything, but...
  418. Right, and SPAM is meat in a can
  419. Check one more family member off the list
  420. Almost got away clean
  421. Negotiations
  422. Not quite in the dark
  423. How a relationship works
  424. Chicks dig the 'bee
  425. Life imitates art imitates life
  426. Threequel season
  427. Extra panels
  428. Movie night begins
  429. Someone please think of the children!
  430. Information is confusing
  431. No talking in the theatre
  432. Is this supposed to be a date?
  433. Possible spoiler alert
  434. Morality play
  435. Promises to keep, and miles of tape before I sleep
  436. False assumptions
  437. What are we, Hawaiians?
  438. No wonder Thomas doesn't talk much
  439. MINE!
  440. Real Gear
  441. Flash back too
  442. Some kind of video CD tape record
  443. Keep that away from the kids! It's expensive!
  444. OK, it isn't REALLY a pencil holder
  445. Textless
  446. Silly, impulsive movie toys
  447. Bargaining how-tos
  448. A little back-and-forth
  449. ...and STAY out!
    Xmas: This Santa TAKES!

    Strips from 2008
  450. Not THAT Springfield
  451. Geek Trek
  452. It's been a long road
  453. Dorkstalkers
  454. Iron Chef Bachelor
  455. Raccoon cuisine
  456. First contact with a nemesis
  457. Perhaps 'E' stands for 'elitist'
  458. Too nice for one's own good
  459. Klingons are jerks
  460. Toyeurs
  461. Insatiable
  462. Polite awakening
  463. Shattered perceptions
  464. Moguls in the making
  465. Wasn't this a Seinfeld episode?
  466. Things we didn't need to know
  467. Charming dirty old man
  468. Maybe mothers don't know everything
  469. A zest for text
  470. What's not to envy?
  471. Animated aftershcool special
  472. My dad can beat up your dad!
  473. Some ice don't melt
  474. Let's say 'parents' a few more times
  475. Apartment of the misfit toys
  476. Ninja lynx
  477. Fourth wall! FOURTH WALL!
  478. Castoff
  479. It wasn't a chicken. It was a BABY!
  480. Thinly veiled
  481. Who couldn't relate to that?
  482. Thinky veiled too
  483. True motives
  484. Yeah, I'm sick of the campaign too
  485. Fragged
  486. Decepticrats and Republicons
  487. We believe the children are our future
  488. The ladylike way to deal with frustration
    Xmas: I got a new President for Christmas

    Strips from 2009
  489. Memes? ... in MY webcomic?
  490. A sledgehammer to innocence
  491. Shockwaves of the F-bomb
  492. Long on terminology
  493. ARRRHH, Thar be cleavage ahead!
  494. Hip to be (a) square
  495. When you think eye damage, think Sabrina.
  496. De-corruption begets corruption
  497. All those impressionists worked in porn too
  498. Two gamers on a couch
  499. You'll get whiplash like that!
  500. Speed up, damn render!
  501. Legalese
  502. They don't only work on boys
  503. Two boobs talk about breasts
  504. Bozofied
  505. Lucky there's a man who - positively can do
  506. What did you expect?
  507. Here comes the wall of text!
  508. Here's how a whole story could be bypassed
  509. Dropping off and digging out
  510. What unit of measurement is that?
  511. How is that even supposed to work?
  512. A swarm of Bumblebees
  513. It only gets wierder from here
  514. I told you so
  515. Everyone loves Toy Story
  516. Scale does not exist in toys
  517. Sabrina will be back soon, I promise
  518. Debris
  519. Say what now?
  520. I thought we wrapped this up already
  521. Not on my watch!
  522. Hey, something else!
  523. Saw that one coming ... and that.
  524. As normal as it gets
  525. Daddyhood
  526. Off to a flying start
  527. Better than it sounds
    Xmas: Don't disturb the baby!

    Strips from 2010
  528. Om nom nom!
  529. Fleeing the scene
  530. All thanks to caller ID
  531. Haven't you ever seen a stand-up comic?
  532. Apparently you CAN get there from here
  533. Earning that mature rating
  534. Slightly less than thirty-one flavours
  535. Some folks bore easily
  536. Meanwhile, in the afterglow
  537. Rude interruption
  538. Kinda like hostage negotiations
  539. Maybe, maybe not
  540. Now read the fire escape chart on the door
  541. Continuing the fanservice
  542. Two for flinching
  543. Might have to backtrack a bit for this one
  544. Derailing the train of thought
  545. Manipulation
  546. Once more unto the breach
  547. Head of a one-person crew
  548. So this is the new job
  549. The tightest security
  550. That's (not) what she said
  551. If you teach a skunk to fish...
  552. Welcome to the internet
  553. The meme combo platter
  554. The greate internet something theory
  555. Chill out and has cheezburger
  556. An idea so good others already thought of it
  557. Zig Zag Online
  558. It can only go downhill from here
  559. A wall of text with bricks
  560. It must be one hell of a career day
  561. Imagine the camera view
  562. In the middle of two conversations
  563. Taking off to run a few errands
  564. The strawman parade begins
  565. Menage a what?
  566. Needs more panels
    Xmas: Less cost and molestation than airline travel

    Strips from 2011
  567. Beware the frustrated lynx
  568. Like boot camp, except not
  569. Back to what passes for reality
  570. Happy Valentines
  571. No girls on the internet
  572. You get what you pay for
  573. You mean this isn't India?
  574. Vixie Pie
  575. Is this a business or personal call?
  576. Pony references - it's the law
  577. Turning point
  578. This stuff happens at the office all the time
  579. She always uses her whole ass
  580. The student has become the other thing
  581. People kept asking
  582. Shifting on the fly
  583. Idealism
  584. One man's retro is another's ... not retro
  585. Parting company
  586. Manipulation
  587. Foreign policy
  588. Living vicariously
  589. My shameless sense is tingling
  590. Entice them with candy and video games
  591. Wait, what?
  592. How about we call you Bruce?
  593. Two thumbs pointed wherever
  594. Morality as applied to warring machines
  595. Am I that predictable?
  596. Pep talk
  597. Dead-end career choice
  598. Remember her?
  599. Gettin' all meta
  600. Minicons
  601. Write what you know
  602. It's like 1996 all over again
  603. The spin of art
  604. Adequately drawn kitties
  605. I choose not to grasp subtlety today
  606. Beware of overhanging vixens
  607. Closet jokes
  608. If only...
  609. Updating the punchlines
    Xmas: Worlds within worlds

    Strips from 2012
  610. Makes more sense in the nineties
  611. F5
  612. Totally different in all ways
  613. Sheen's accountant loved the strip
  614. A smirk you could hear
  615. Needs one of those little Spock beards
  616. Childhood destroyed
  617. I'm pretty sure it's really awesome
  618. Maybe from TVTropes?
  619. Let's see how long this takes
  620. Losing yourself in your work
  621. Recursion
  622. Darn that jargon!
  623. Role reversal
  624. I'm pretty sure she said 'ducks'.
  625. Cut and paste your grudges
  626. Deconstruction
  627. Ooh, dark!
  628. The long, distinguished, short career
  629. Also available in space
  630. The nend of the end
  631. An honest relationship
  632. How to burn bridges without really trying
  633. A strip about nothing
  634. Have you tried Facebook?
  635. Well, their brains ARE plastic
  636. Trotting out old stoock from the back room
  637. In relative terms
  638. Never meet your fan base
  639. Hostage negotiations
  640. It's hard to tell them apart sometimes
  641. And just two days from retirement, too
  642. Could this be how it all ends?
  643. Shame on you who believed the worst
  644. Love in hell
  645. Thank you Mr. Exposition
  646. Brave faces
  647. Angry squirrels is a less popular game
  648. The Ultimate Cliffhanger
    Xmas: Death takes a holiday

    Strips from 2013
  649. We now return to your regularly-scheduled strip
  650. Dancing in the dark
  651. Late to the party
  652. The alley is THE place to be
  653. The thug-sitter
  654. Personalized service
  655. Allegedly
  656. Unwritten rules
  657. Air capsule
  658. Price of admission
  659. Larger and smaller boxes
  660. Cliffhangers atop cliffhangers
  661. The April Fools' joke is it's the truth
  662. Congress should take notes
  663. So romantic you could puke
  664. Upended
  665. The fall of Cybertron
  666. Upheaval
  667. Caveman plot
  668. Tolerance levels
  669. The unwitting freeloaders
  670. A return to departure
  671. Dumpster Cops: A Quinn-Martin production
  672. 'Gardening' should be in quotes
  673. They need better soundproofing
  674. Not your average family discussion
  675. Miranda who?
  676. An eye-opening experience
  677. No one is listening to this, right?
  678. Because trials happen right away
  679. Wanna see the scars?
  680. Zig Zag's lawyer was just off-panel the entire time
  681. You belong here
  682. Zig Zag gets some time off
  683. No, fee YOU!
  684. They don't even scatter when the lights go on
  685. Studio pillow talk
  686. They said it was a two-bedroom in the ad
  687. Please speak directly into the bolo tie
  688. A little mishap with the catsup
  689. Just kidding ... probably
  690. How to settle
    Xmas: Novelty bubble pipe

    Strips from 2014
  691. Fried
  692. Tearful goodbyes
  693. It IS an angry group, after all
  694. Our new special friend
  695. To be fair, one car IS a hatchback
  696. We'll call him 'Babies McStrawman'
  697. Looks a little like college
  698. It's either overconfidence or low self-esteem
  699. The rising word balloon tide
  700. Beware geeks bearing gifts
  701. Reunion
  702. We now return to our previously scheduled argument
  703. Could be worse - Could be body pillows
  704. Ceiling Cat's replacement
  705. Acquaintances
  706. What that extended service plan gets you
  707. A transcript from a call center in India
  708. Sabrina Menzel, AKA Burrito Supreme
  709. Taking charge
  710. The slutty pose couch
  711. You're not getting out that easily
  712. The kind of strip written before seeing the movie
  713. Minicon Saga: Chapter the first
  714. Ammonites, actually
  715. No one's going to career day
  716. It could segue to the birds and the bees talk
  717. Not a euphemism for anything
  718. Can't fault the logic
  719. Love amongst the lipless
  720. Dodging the issue
  721. Count to ten after viewing the internet.
  722. Pretend it's last month
  723. Don't question it, just do it
  724. Shifting without the clutch
  725. Always trust a faceless bartender
  726. A striped perspective
  727. A slip of the lip could sink a 'ship
  728. Pretty much 1999 to now
  729. How to properly corrupt our youth
  730. Tiff
  731. Transitional phase
  732. Truly honest job interviews are rare
    Xmas: Sabrina wants more on-screen time next year

    Strips from 2015
  733. Passing the Timmy torch
  734. Night shift
  735. Schedule conflict
  736. Enlightened misogyny
  737. Plots revolve on a knife point
  738. Wolf outta nowhere
  739. Spike seems more like a Galaxy Note guy
  740. One baby step at a time
  741. Incentive program
  742. Mood Whiplash
  743. Little miss bossy pants
  744. Our meritocracy works differently
  745. Remember when phones were phones?
  746. Let's open that can of worms
  747. What an adorable little rage-ball
  748. A laugh-a-minute riot
  749. Not history... Zigstory
  750. More Zigstory
  751. Just asking for a friend
  752. The montage music is unusual
  753. The punchline is tedium
  754. Curious ideas about relationships
  755. Devastating the conversation
  756. Hypocrisy only looks bad when examined
  757. It can only get dumber from here
  758. Everyone finds out sooner or later
  759. Must be National Snog your Shrink Day
  760. Seems like fine criteria to me
  761. Now THAT's a dramatic pause
  762. It's as if the comic was in real time
  763. Flash-forward 2: generational truths
  764. Shovel some coal into the Commodore
  765. Flash-Forward 4: Skunk body anomolies
  766. Flash-Forward Five
  767. Flash-forward 6: Respectable work
  768. Flash-forward 7: Skunk Sisters
  769. Flash-forward 8: Ugly Ziggy
  770. Flash-forward 9: Porn Art Online
  771. FF 10: Narcissism beta test
  772. Flash-forward 11: Beware the cloud
    Xmas: Postcards from 2030

    Strips from 2016
  773. FF 12: They're magically disgruntled
  774. Flash-Forward Thirteen: Tabitha Two
  775. Flash-Forward Fourteen: Ha-Haaa!... sad.
  776. Flash-Forward Fifteen: Mutterances
  777. FF 16: In the words of Hank Hill...
  778. The inner black and white
  779. It only took five months - what's your hurry?
  780. No name change needed on that parody
  781. Ever see 'Alien'?
  782. November 2015
  783. Maybe it's just some bad shrimp scampi
  784. Some of my best friends are other species!
  785. Imposing your will is just good parenting
  786. A glimmer of self-awareness
  787. Love comes in all forms
  788. Must-see TV
  789. Geek sync
  790. Perhaps it's Sweeps Week
  791. You have your therapy, She has hers
  792. Burning those bridges in style
  793. Angling for a less expensive option
  794. Inconvenience by mail
  795. How did it fit in the box?
  796. Everyone's hypothetical wedding
  797. Fair-weather friendship
  798. Fashion advice from the shameless
  799. All the joy is just ready to spill out
  800. I can't deal with that now!
  801. The born-again virgin
  802. I married a sea cucumber
  803. This is my formal T-shirt
  804. A B-52 carpet-bombing run
  805. Fresh-squeezed Zig Zag, not from concentrate
  806. Starting things off with a literal bang
  807. On the periphery of sanity
  808. Starting off with honesty
  809. An 'I do' or two later
  810. Thanks to Anime Lyrics dot com
  811. Black and white on black and white
  812. The ride never truly ends
  813. In the middle of madness
  814. I always cry and get drunk at weddings
  815. 835 strips in 20 years? I guess it'll have to do.