Eric Schwartz Sites
The Official E.S. Productions Website - This is Eric's very own web page which features all of his latest work (and lots of nice graphics). Lots of stuff available that's not on this site.
E.S. Productions Site B - Eric's second site with some extra material.
Eric Shwartz Fans Yahoo! Group - Mailing list, plus some image collections.

Sabrina Online Sites - Eric's official Sabrina Online site.
M.H.A.'s Sabrina Online Archve - The best Sabrina Online mirror, with character profiles, artwork, and loads of other info

Other Amiga / Furry artists and animators
Candy Palmer - Artist of the 'Angel' fan art, among others
Max the Black Rabbit - Sabrina at Algonquin + more!
The Art of Josef "Wojo" Wollersberger - Dominique Dormouse
The Les Dietz Home Page - Rachel Racoon
Al Mackey's Artwork
AP Entertainment Animation (Andrew Powell)

FTP sites
Eric Schwartz on AmiNet
Furry Art FTP Archive