About this Archive...

This archive contains all of the artwork of Eric Schwartz which I've been able to find on the Net, or which helpful people have sent me. I've arranged them neatly, up to 16 thumbnails per page, and in two formats - one nicely laid out with tables, and one more suitable for older and text-only browsers.
Also available is some Fan Artwork.

  1. 2001Amiga - AmyHistory4
  2. AmyHistory5 - BabsBunny
  3. Babseric - Darkeperch
  4. Debbie - FXRecline
  5. Grrrr - S_ZigZag
  6. SabCoffee - SabrinaZigZag
  7. Sabtrans - TabHalloween01
  8. Tabithax - ZZXmasParty