Eric Schwartz Animation List as of February 1994


  1. My animations are created with a huge variety of software, from DeluxePaint 4 to DigiView to Disney Animation Studio. For the sake of brevity, I only name the program used to compile all graphics and sound into a final presentation.

  2. Compatibility: After some testing, I can say with some confidence that most of my animations will run on operating systems 1.2 thru 3.0, most processors, and the AGA Chipset of the A4000 and A1200.
    The only real exceptions might be under the anims category, where the particular animplayer supplied with the animation may not work with your operating system or hardware setup. If this is the case, I recommend you find an ANIM-5 player that does work and replace the other player (This does not work for Moviesetter and otherproprietary animations.)
    The Memory requirement for each animation can vary from the amount stated in the list depending on your hardware and operating system setup, extra floppy or hard drives, and newer operating systems all eat up memory, so you may require more memory than the amount stated (Probably not more than 512K, hopefully)
    AGA chipset Amigas, such as the A4000 and A1200 and their 3.0 operating system will sometimes cause the Movieplayer program to fail, giving a "not enough memory" error, even when plenty is available. If you have an AGA machine an have this problem, try shutting down some programs and/or using the Screenmode Preferences to change the Workbench screen to a lower resolution with fewer colors. It will usually play the animation after that, Although the new graphics chips in combination with the faster processors (68020 or better) will often cause some animations to run faster than they were intended to. For best results with old Moviesetter animations, Reboot your AGA machine holding down both mouse buttons to start it up emulating the older chipset version.

  3. Asterisks: when a listing has one or more asterisks after it, look up the corresponding code.


(all require 1 megabyte and are made with Gold Disk's Moviesetter unless otherwise stated)
Stealthy Maneuver                             1989
The Swiss Army F-16 in Combat                 1989, 1.5 meg
Stealth Bomber                                1989
Skydive                                       1989
Navy Aggressor Training                       1989
Soviet Soft Landing                           1989
Korean Conflict                               1989
VTOL contest                                  1989, 1.5 meg
Stealthy Maneuver II                          1990
Vietnam Conflict                              1990
Shuttlecock                                   1991
ATF Agility                                   1990,91, Disney studio
Camouflage                                    1991
Gulf Conflict                                 1991, 2 meg
Unsporting                                    1992, 2 meg

E.S. Productions

(same conditions as the aerotoons)
How to Run into a Wall                        1989
Coyote 2: The Road Test                       1989, 1.5 meg
Juggler Demo II                               1989
At the Movies                                 1990, 1 and 2 meg versions
Pogo: Miz Ma'm'selle                          1990, 2-meg
Batman                                        1990
Juggette Demo II                              1990
Terminal                                      1990
Late Night                                    1990
The History of Amy the Squirrel               1990, DeluxeVideo 3
The Anti-Lemmin Demo                          1991, 2 meg(2.5 if HD)
The Dating Game: A Flip the Frog Cartoon.    *1991, 3 meg(3.5 if WB_2.0)
At the Movies 2  - 1, 2, 3 meg (3.5meg best) *1991, Director 2 ***
Amy Vs. Walker 2                              1992, 3 meg
A Day at the Beach: A Flip the Frog Cartoon. *1992, 3 meg(3.5 if WB_2.0)
Juggette 3 - Balls of Wrath                   1992, 2 meg
Quality Time: A Flip the Frog Cartoon.       *1993, 5 meg
Bait Masking                                  1993, 2 meg
The Girls of ES productions Multimedia Demo   1993, Hyperbook ****
Morphy the Magic Man (AGA and ECS versions)   1994, 4 meg(AGA), 2meg(ECS)


(short looping things, made with Dpaint 3/4 and/or sculpt 4Djr. All of them run in one meg, some less)
Amy Walks                                     1989
Juggette Anim                                 1989
E.S. Anim                                     1989
Stealth Flyby                                 1990
Juggler jr.                                   1990
City Jumper                                   1990
Amy Jogs                                      1990
Amy vs. Walker                                1990
The Big Sneeze                                1990
E.S. Tor Anim                                 1990
Amy Does Schwab                               1991
Asteroids                                     1989/92
PacMan                                        1989/92
Batman.anim                                   1989/92
4 Fantavision Films                         **1992    Fantavision
Amy Walks 2                                   1992
Puppies from Mars                             1993
Filenames or archive names may differ from the ones I've given here.


 *     ShareWare, Pay $5 or whatever you feel it's worth
 **    Fantavision Animations sometimes do not run correctly on AGA
       chipset machines for an as yet unknown reason. Check your monitor
       and screen preferences.

 ***   Animations created in Director 2 (such as At the Movies 2) have
       been reported as not working on AGA machines. The problem will be
       looked into.

 ****  This Hyperbook demo needs an Amiga with at least 1 meg of CHIP ram
       to run in full capacity, 512K Chip ram Amigas will not be able to
       view all the pictures from the multimedia setup.


All E.S. Productions, Aerotoons, and other Eric Schwartz animations are Copyright ©1989 thru 1994 Eric W. Schwartz. These animations are NOT, NOT! to be considered Public Domain. All animations are copyrighted but freely distributable, with a few categorized as Shareware. The animations should not be sold for much more than the price of the disks and the time and energy required to copy. I also request that my permission be obtained before the animation is transferred to any other medium such as video, print, or computer formats other than Amiga (such as Mac,Unix,or MS-DOS).
Characters that I have created, such as Amy the Squirrel, Clarisse Cat, and Flip the Frog are Copyright © 1994 Eric W. Schwartz. Do NOT use these characters in your own works unless you are willing to accept the consequences. I might not sue you for creating a work using my characters, but then again I might, especially if I consider the work particularly vulgar (Back from the Beach) or insulting to myself or my characters. At the very least, if your mind is made up to use my characters despite my please, for GOD'S SAKE TRY DRAWING THEM YOURSELF! I'm more impressed by people that show skill rather than cut-and-paste abilities.


These anims are available all over but there are only two officially ordained distributors.(ones I fully approve of) Any distributor on this list, or one who receives my anims from one of these sources is O.K. in my book, otherwise I cannot confirm quality or SAFETY (I do my best to stay virus-free) of the animations. I do not mind free distribution of my anims as long as no one makes their own claim to my work.

Official disributors of Eric Schwartz animations are:

the Fred Fish Amiga Library, 1835 E. Belmont Dr.
                              Tempe, Arizona   85284

The AFIT Amiga users group.  BBS No. (513) 879-9798 
                              Write to --     E.S. Anims
                                              c/o AFIT AUG
                                              P.O. Box 4114
                                              Dayton, OH 45401-4114
(This is the source I most recommend for getting my Anims)

I do not handle orders personally, and I recommend the AFIT group more than writing to me, as they can turnaround an order quickly and I cannot.

As Always
Eric Schwartz

All Animations are Copyright © 1989-1994 Eric W. Schwartz
This list version (3.5) was finalized on February 14, 1994

Eric Schwartz
P.O. Box 292684
Kettering, Ohio 45429-0684