About Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz's animations have always been one of the highlights of the Amiga scene. He created memorable characters such as the Aerotoons, Flip the frog and, of course, Amy the Squirrel. Please note that whilst these animations are freely distributable, they are NOT public domain. All these animations, and the characters in them, are copyright ©1989-2003 Eric W. Schwartz.
For more about Eric, or if you want to contact him, why not visit his own web site.

[ www.coax.net/people/erics | erics@coax.net ]

About This Site

The Unofficial Eric Schwartz Web Site is designed and maintained by Mark Rigby-Jones. He works on it in his spare time, initially whilst studying Computation at the University of Oxford, and now whilst working as a techie at Community Internet/TicketingSolutions.com. Any comments or suggestions for this site would be welcomed by email to the address below. Compliments about the artwork etc should be directed to the man himself, Eric, at the address above.

[ rigby-jones.net/mark | mark@rigby-jones.net ]

Technical Gubbins

OK, I admit it - this site was mostly not made on an Amiga (my old A1200 is just a touch too slow these days, and I can't afford a decently powerful model). The site is hosted on a Tru64 UNIX server - with design and image manipulation done on Linux boxes. All the HTML pages are automatically generated with standard header and footer templates and a few static pages. The art pages are automatically created from the contents of the art and thumbnail directories. The Sabrina Online mirror is generated from a database. The Anims pages will also be database-generated in the future. Auto-generation code is in Perl, the Aminet-jump CGI in C, and the database used is MySQL.

Thanks To

Eric Schwartz
...without whom this whole site would be more than slightly pointless
P. Pettersson
For generating the first batch of decent thumbnails for the art pages, despite me being to busy at the time to appreciate his work.
Mark Raymond, Ross Sauer, 'Pete', Ace Fox, Bart Fargo, Mark White, Max the Black Rabbit, Richard Mulder, David 'Maxx' Celis, Renee LeCompte, Egbert Morris Bryant, Candy Palmer
For supplying me with lots of new images (including the Fan Artwork), links and viewer information.
The person whose name I cannot recall who generated all the screenshots for the animation pages.

Future Plans

There are a few bits of tidying up left to be done on the new design, extra images to be trimmed etc. The 'Cast & Crew' (or whatever I end up calling it) needs to be plagarised/written/whatever, and the animation section could do with a bit of an overhaul (and possibly some new screenshots). It would be nice to get full HTML 4.0 compliance, but at the moment that would only be possible by having a much less exciting design, or by ditching support for older/text-only browsers.

And Finally...

This site can be viewed with any web browser - it doesn't use any nasty proprietory tricks and tries to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium's official recomendations for HTML 4.0 (Transitional) and CSS2. At the time of writing, the best support for these standards is by Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.5 (which also features excellent support for crashing your PC) and Mozilla, but the site should look just fine on Netscape Navigator, Voyager, IBrowse or whatever. It's also been carefully designed to look good on text-only browsers too.