A Network Calculator

About Network Calculator

NetCalc is a simple network calculator for peforming manipulations of IP addresses, netmasks etc.


You can download just netcalc.prc(7K) or a Zip file(20K) or tarball(16K) containing the application and source code.


Just enter an IP address/netmask/whatever into the field at the top of the screen and tap 'Calculate'. The short form of the specified network will be displayed, together with the number of usable IP addresses and the IP Address, Netmask, Network Address and Broadcast Address in both dotted quad and 32-bit integer formats.

Allowed input formats are as follows:

  1. <ipaddr>
    Calculates the appropriate Class A, B or C netmask.
  2. <ipaddr>/<bits>
    Here, both the IP Address and Netmask are specified in the short format.
  3. <ipaddr>/<netmask>
    Here, both the IP Address and Netmask are specified in full.
  4. <ipaddr>-<ipaddr>
    Finds the smallest network containing the given range of ip addresses.
  5. <ipaddr>+<numhosts>
    Finds the smallest network containing the given ip address and at least the given number of usable IP addresses.

In all cases, the IP Address can be omitted and will default to <ipaddr>s can be specified in dotted quad notation or as a 32-bit integer.

License etc

I've released this application as free software under the GNU General Public License, so you're welcome to use it, hack the source code, beam it to your friends etc as much as you like. On the other hand, if you do feel like thanking me in some small way, I'll happily accept bug reports, patches, cash etc. If there's a feature you'd like to see added and don't feel like coding it yourself then let me know and I'll put it on the TODO list (the priority depending on how much work is involved, how much fun it would be and the size of the bribe).


NetCalc was compiled under Red Hat Linux 6.1 using prc-tools 2.0 and pilrc v2.5b1 with the PalmOS SDK 3.1.