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a little bit about me

The name's Rigby-Jones, Mark Rigby-Jones. Hmmm, doesn't quite have the same ring about it as James Bond, but at least it's better than Guybrush Threepwood. On second thoughts, maybe not...
After graduating in Computation from Keble college, Oxford, I now work as a Systems Administrator / Programmer with Community Internet / Ticketing Solutions (who pay me to do mostly the stuff I did in my spare time at uni) and have acquired flat & a mortgage (an excellent Virgin One Account), approximately π computers and getting on for 1000 books.
In my spare time, I still spend far too long in front of computers, whether coding or (more likely) playing games, but still find plenty of time to read, watch TV/DVDs, read, go to the cinema or theatre and read.

my other sites
Beacuse who wants to be on a social network run by Elon Musk?
My LiveJournal: home of some, many or fewer random wibblings. Updated as an when I think of it.
The Unofficial Eric Schwartz Web Site
Eric is a talented artist and animator whoose work I first became interested in back in my Amiga days. I first set this site up years ago before Eric had his own web presence.
Home of all things t00by. Or, at least, some things t00by. If you have to ask...
mrj's software
A collection of software which I've developed over the years. Some of this is projects from several years ago, some is currently under development. Platforms include Palm OS, Linux and Amiga OS.
At the moment it's just me, but hopefully it will eventually provide links to more people bearing this proud surname (ahem).