Amiga stuff

These programs are mostly written in Blitz Basic 2, but with some ARexx and C. All files are in .tgz format - you'll need a suitable utility to extract them, such as Oliver Wagner's UnTGZ: [ untgz | untgz.readme | untgz15.lha ]

A classic amiga implementation of this fun multi-player startegy board game
An over-featured xeyes clone - Big Brother is watching you...
A random quotaion generator
Directory Opus stuff
REXX stuff for users of the excellent Directory Opus 5
Worms DC stuff
Utilities for players of Worms: The Director's Cut
This little utility (now coded in C rather than Blitz for added robustness) simply brings a named public screen to the front of the display.
ScreenToFront12.tgz 3,338 bytes
This little utility is designed to mimic (to some extent) the `uptime' command on UNIX systems - the format is identical to that on Linux.
UpTime11.tgz 5,440 bytes