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The Amiga Grass Roots Campaign

The Amiga Grassroots Campaign
(AKA "Survivor")

Unoffically instigated by Eric W. Schwartz
This is a little something to try to increase the name recognition of the Amiga platform.

Here's what ya do:
  • Get this set of pictures from the AmiNet, a CD, a friend, or wherever.
  • Print it out, Put it on a T-shirt(or buy the T-shirt from me, Heh) or whatever.
  • Hang up the printouts at work, school or wherever. Wear the shirt wherever you can. And put the images on your Website if you have one (I included some small icon type images for just such an emergency.)
  • When People ask you about the picture, answer their questions and tell them how and why you prefer the Amiga platform (And try not to lie, exaggerate heavily, or lapse into an advocacy vehemence PC-bash fit.)
  • If you don't like the picture, you can always substitute one you prefer. The point is to get the Amiga that bit more recognition (Hopefully by name) that it deserves. My picture, "Survivor", is meant to symbolise the never-say-die spirit of the Amiga as an entity and Amiga users in general (you know, the ones that didn't switch) I have no idea what to expect from a campaign of this sort, but I think I'll be happy if I see a few appearances of the picture in places I didn't expect to see them.
  • This picture ('Survivor') is freely distributable, and may be printed, reposted, whatever as long as the image and the archive remains unchanged. It would also be nice if I received credit. No profit should be made from its use. Commercial publications should contact me if they wish to use the image for more than simple review purposes.
Good Luck, and keep the faith,
Eric W. Schwartz
E.S. Productions
P.O. Box 292684
Kettering, OH 45429-0684

Download the Survivor Archive